Dua for Husband Wife Dispute Problem, Islamic Wazifa

Islam also has many such ayat and ilams that you can use to subdue anyone, but it is very important to be pure and clean while using them. There are several such ilams, Islamic wazifa, dua to solve the husband wife dispute problem and by the use of them the problem can be solved. Our Muslim astrologer Moulana Rafi-Ud-Din is going to tell you such ayats to save the married life relationship.


husband wife problem solution

On every morning, read the below ayat 700 times for 7 days. After that, blow on some sweet stuff and give the husband/wife. The ayat is as:

“बिस्मिल्लाहिर्रहमानिर्रहीम! वमिन आयातिहि अन खला का लकुम मिन अनफुसेकम अज़वाजल लेतस्कूनऊ इलैहा वजा अला बैनकुम मवददतन वरहमतन।“

To overcome the obstacles coming in your love life you have to write down the below ayat on white paper with kesar and after that drink it. It will increase the deep love between both of you. The ayat is as:

“बिस्मिल्लाहिर्रहमानिर्रहीम! इन्नमा तुंज़िरो मनित्तबाआ अल्ज़्ज़िकरा खशियर्रहमाना बिलोबै फबश्शिरहू बिमगफ़िरातिंवव अजरनि करीम।“

Before the sunrise, read the ayat 60,600 times and also take the sugar candy (mishri). Feed this to the desired person. He/she will impress to you. The ayat is as:

“बिस्मिल्लाहिर्रहमानिर्रहीम! अल्लाहुम्मा या मुसीख्खरो सख्खिली मन फस्समावाती वल मुसख्खिरल्ली लिल्लाहि तआला अल्लाहुम्मा बेय्यिनली बजल्लहुली वसख्खिरली अल्लिफ़ मुहब्बती फ़ी कल्बिहि वजअल्हु रऊफ़न मुहिब्बन बिहिक्क़ या अल्लाहु या रहमानो या रहीम।“

Read the given below ayat 678 times by mixing it with jasmine oil. The person who smells this oil, it will be in your control totally. That ayat is as:

“वलक़द फ़तन्ना सुलयमाना अलकयना अला कुर्सियिहि दन सुम्मा अनाब।“

So, these are some ayats through the help of which your husband wife relationship will strong in a few days.

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